Tuesday, July 1, 2008

July Energy Smart Tip

Stay cool and conserve energy at the same time!

Well, the hot weather did finally arrive. To help stay cool and improve your home's efficiency check out this great interactive guide: Energy Star 'At Home Guide'

Those of you in older, 2-story homes where the upper floor gets very warm in the summer may find that correcting the ventilation in your attic can be an inexpensive way to cool your home and allow you to actually go upstairs in the summer! If you use an attic fan (and I recommend a solar-powered one if you do), use caution to make sure you have adequate insulation in your ceiling to prevent the cool air from your AC from being drawn out along with the attic heat. Otherwise, you may be paying to cool the outside and defeating the potential for savings. Proper ventilation can also help avoid "ice dams" from forming in the winter and may give your roof a longer life.

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